Why i chose for the XP Deus

I bought my XP Deus for a couple of reasons.

It’s very lightweight, you can go a full day detecting without any trouble. It’s also wireless which is very handy when detecting in the woods and no cables to worry about.

At first, i was a bit sceptic about it but after using it for years now, i love it. Bought it originally as a V2.0, went to V3.2 and now on V4.1 BETA 2 which is quite better than V4.0.

That is also a plus for the Deus, free updates. A lot of people seem to go for Garrett detectors but personally, i think Garrett is the Apple of the metal detectors. They do the job but it’s overhyped. They got the marketing right, which is why many want them i guess but on detecting rallies, i can walk behind a Garrett user and find things they just walked over.

A downside of the Deus is that the controlbox isn’t waterproof but a proper cover will fix that on rainy days.

Although the coils are pretty expensive, it’s like buying a second Deus if you have a spare stem lying around.

A thing i also like of the Deus is the recovery speed. It’s awesome on tiny things in iron infested ground.

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